Save the Brand 2021

Data di pubblicazione: 27 Settembre 2021

The following research “Save the Brand – Food Sector, September 2021” published by LC Publishing Group in collaboration with KNET Project aims to establish an observatory focused on the brand value of companies in the Italian Food Sector. The 2021 edition focuses on the relationship between a company’s brand and its financial performance based on the assumption that the strength of a brand can be linked to the financial strength of a company. Consequently, this research identifies the 29 best-in-class companies in the Italian Food sector with revenues ranging from 10 million to 300 million EUR. The companies selected have demonstrated an important ability to exponentially improve financial performances.

Additionally, the research aims to provide a market overview of the Italian Food Sector in order to provide general information of current and future trends in the sector.

The Food Sector has always been a point of reference in Italy. Italian food brands have an important footprint and are recognized all over the world. Every year companies within the sector are constantly adopting new strategies in order to maintain customer loyalty and attract new customers. The Italian Food Sector portrays a wide range of companies that maintain high quality, follow tradition, and innovate based on current and future food trends. Overall, companies are constantly evolving and the potential of Italian brands in the Food Sector can be further materialized given the current international trends such as the preference for Italian sounding products and the latest eating habits post pandemic outbreak.

The following research has been conducted in order to take a dive into the Italian Food Sector and the different trends and strategies companies are adopting. The analysis has identified 29 best-in-class companies, out of a dimensionally significant sample size, that have been carefully selected based on their continuously improving financial performances.

It is important to stress out that each of the companies selected have their own peculiarities seen through different levels of profitability, financial soundness, and strategic capabilities that define their competitive advantage.